Throughout my time being a writer for 8forty I learnt many new skills and improved my overall writing in general. I wrote two articles, one about the destruction caused by tsunamis and one covering the cinematography in the movie, The Florida Project. Learning how to write a strong, engaging article was a hard task to do but having good editors and ideas that I was interested in made the whole experience enjoyable.

Writing articles for a media company english class is quite different than just writing for a normal english class. In a english class you write more formally and in an essay style, with repetition at the beginning and end of your text. However, when writing articles you need to convey the same information that a essay would but you also need to make it interesting by adding details and emotion. Learning how to add emotion and depth to my writing has helped my writing become far more captivating and enjoyable to read and write. In a normal english class my favourite part was always when we had to write short stories and we got to be as creative as possible and I was upset at first that I would not get to do that in this class. But I quickly realized that in this class I can use some of my creative writing skills to add more to my articles. Learning how to combine skills from past english classes made this class fun and furthered my english writing skills.

I wrote two articles in this class, tsunamis and cinematography. I picked tsunamis mostly because I couldn’t think of anything and there was recently a tsunami in indonesia. I wasn’t fascinated by tsunamis at first but after doing research on how they came to be and what we are doing for warning systems helped me understand them more. Whilst I was writing that article I learnt tons about the impact that global warming has on tsunamis and how we have warning systems for at risk areas but I also learnt a lot about editing and how to understand other people’s edits. I had never had other students edit my writing before so it was very stressful but also helpful. They would point out stuff that I never would have noticed if I had self-edited, it helped me see what I had to work on.

My other article about the cinematography of The Florida Project, was a very different writing experience than the tsunami one. I wrote about what I saw and my thoughts, I had nothing to go off of to help me. This made it quite harder but also more fulfilling when I finished. I had never written about cinematography before, my only experience with it was in last year’s english when we talked a bit about the cinematography of Romeo and Juliet. So over the course of writing this article I learnt many movie terms to make my writing sound more knowledgeable. The editing during this article was also different but in good way. Some of the first edits given to me by my english teacher were these massive paragraphs pretty much saying to deepen my explanations and make them more thorough. Seeing so many large edits was intimidating at first but I took them one and at time and slowing made my articles far more interesting than it initially was. Though it was daunting at first to do all the edits I do appreciate the difficulty the edits had as they were really pushing my abilities as a writer and forced me to think and write outside of the box. I picked up many useful tips and skills from all the edits that were given to me for my two articles and they have truly improved my writing ability.

This class was a different experience to my other english classes but without realizing it it helped me just as much as the other classes did. Though my future job probably won’t be in a media company I can still apply the tips from this class to works that I write in university and what I write in my future career. I took a lot of skills from this class which I will carry with me throughout my life.


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