This Staedtler pencil–the specific one I’m holding now–will be the death of me

We use pencils everyday but what would you do if your pencil broke multiple times a day everyday?

I have had blue Staedtler 779 mechanical pencils for years and they’ve always worked perfectly, 10/10. But the one I’ve been struggling to use for almost five months now is truly the worst pencil in the world. Today I am reviewing, This Specific Pencil. This specific pencil was broken when I bought it from Staples. The pencil jammed multiple times while trying to write notes quickly, so if you write a lot, I would not recommend that you borrow this pencil from me. What did not help was that I continued to use the mechanical pencil even though it was broken, but I was not willing to spend five dollars on another one. Looking back, I probably should have bought a new Staedtler 779 because the amount of times this defective one broke mid-test or during notes was insane. The time it took to fix the pencil varied from 30 seconds to 5 minutes and it was a very tedious process. I would have to take the tip of the pencil off, shove a pen into the pencil to straighten the lead then proceed to bang the tip of the pencil to force the lead out. After that, I put it back together, to only have it break again in a couple minutes. This pencil is honestly awful and I would not wish it upon anyone to go through the pain of fixing it four times a day. That being said, I have bought a Staedtler 779 around four times and it flowed so nicely and wrote so smoothly. However this one –sitting on my desk right now– this pencil is awful, not even a 1/10. Would not lend. Not available for purchase.


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